Dufftown 2000 Ltd


Dufftown 2000 Ltd is a Company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. The Company is a ‘not for profit distribution organisation’. Dufftown 2000 Ltd was established in 1995 to promote Dufftown as a mainstream tourism location in Moray. Its main aim is to arrange events throughout the year to support tourism especially during the shoulder months and in doing so, provide general prosperity to the Town. The event organisers are all volunteers who give their time freely for the overall benefit of the Town.

Tourism Events

Dufftown 2000 Ltd organise a number of events throughout the year which include 2 Whisky Festivals, evening activities during the summer months and Christmas and Hogmanay celebrations in the winter including the provision of a Christmas Tree in the Square and Christmas lights along the main thoroughfares of the Town. The Whisky Festivals in May and September generate significant income for all businesses in the Town including serviced and self-catering accommodation providers, the restaurants, cafes and retailers in Dufftown and the surrounding area. In addition, the committee organise a weekly Whisky Nosing and Tasting Evening and a Ceilidh during the summer season. Funds generated through these activities are used to support local groups and activities, which include the Dufftown Pipe Band, the annual Run for Life, the Dufftown Flower tubs initiative and the Dufftown Whisky & Heritage Centre. At present the Dufftown Whisky & Heritage Centre is small but we have purchased the adjoining building and hope to extend it.

List of Directors

  • Gordon Haughton
  • Ian Millar
  • Glo Ramon
  • René Ramon
  • Ann Hewawitharana
  • Andy Cameron
  • Jean Smart
  • Steve Oliver
  • Julie Grant

Committee Members

  • Julie Grant (Chairperson)
  • René Ramon (Vice Chairman)
  • Gordon Haughton (Treasurer)
  • Glo Ramon (Secretary)
  • Andy Cameron
  • Ann Hewawitharana
  • Steve Oliver
  • Jean Smart
  • Andrea Fuller
  • Stephen Rhodes
  • Alistair Jeffs
  • Karen Vidler
  • Michelle Myron